In the main menu, click on Clients. Then, click on the “Add Client” button located in the top submenu.
add-new-client-linkOn the “New Client” page, you will start by entering the client’s contact information.  Proceed to enter the following contact details:

  • Business Name:  Business name that will appear on invoices
  • First / Last Name:  Contact name that will appear on invoices
  • Email:  Enter the email address where invoices will be sent
  • Phone:  Client’s primary phone number
  • Fax:  Client’s primary fax number


Once the contact information has been entered, click on the “Billing” link in order to store the client’s billing information which will be included in the invoice.

TIP: The payment terms field is used when creating a new invoice to automatically calculate the invoice’s due date.


The client’s shipping address can be entered by clicking on the “Shipping” link which allows you to save a shipping address which will not appear on any invoices.


In order to enter any additional information on the client such as personal notes, click on the “Misc. Details” link.


After completing entering the new client’s information, click the “Add Client” button to save the newly entered client.