Got overdue invoices? Simplify billing by setting up automatic reminders.

While viewing an invoice, go to More Options then choose Auto Reminders:


Next, you will see the Auto Reminders Settings window where you can set:

  • Status:  Use this box to enable or disable auto reminders for this invoice.
  • Start Date:  The date the first auto-reminder will be sent
  • Frequency:  Specify how often reminders will be sent after the start date. This can be specified in Days, Weeks or Months


Once your auto-reminder settings are saved, you will see the date the next reminder will be sent at the top of the invoice. This will only be visible to you.

Modify or Cancel Auto-Reminders

Return to More Options » Auto-Reminders to make changes to the reminder settings.

To CANCEL auto-reminders, simply uncheck the Enabled box.

To MODIFY the schedule, just change the date and/or frequency