In the left side menu, click on the Quotes option and click the “New Quote” button from the top of the quote listing page.


On the “New Quote” page, you will start by entering the quote details. The Quote # will be automatically generated. If this is your first quote, the quote number will default to “EST-0001”. For subsequent quotes, the quote number will be incremented by 1 (based on the numeric portion of the last quote you created).

Proceed to enter the remaining quote details:

  • Client: Choose a client from the dropdown list, or click “Add Client” to add a new client.
  • Invoice Date
  • Quote Valid Until: Date thru which the quote is valid.
  • Title:  Title for the service you’re quoting
  • Currency: Choose the currency in which you want to quote. Defaults to “US Dollar”
  • Status: The status for a new quote is generally “Active”.
  • Overview: Describes quote’s purpose


Next, enter your line items. If you’ve added products or services to your account, they’ll be available from the dropdown list (in this case, the quantity and price you entered for the product will automatically populate here). If you’re adding a new product, just enter the name of the product or service in the dropdown list followed by a detailed description in the text box below. Please note that you can change the “Quantity” label to read “Hours” if necessary.

To add additional line items, click the “Add Another Item” button.

TIP: To ensure your client understands the services you’re billing for, we recommend that you be brief yet very descriptive when entering line item details. The more your client understands what goes into your job, the less likely they’ll dispute the charges.

After entering the line items, proceed to enter the remaining details to complete the quote:

  • Tax: If you have taxable items in your quote, choose the applicable tax rate or click the “Add New Tax Rate” button to insert and use a new rate.
  • Additional Notes: Enter a message to the customer or leave blank.
  • Sub-total: This will be a total sum of the line items you entered
  • Adjustments: You can enter up to two adjustments (or additional charges) as needed. Adjustment fields are denoted by the blue plus (+) signs. This will generally be used for charges like shipping, handling, processing, goverment-imposed charges, miscellaneous supplies, etc.
  • Discount: Enter the description and amount of any applicable discount. The discount field is denoted by the red minus () sign.
  • Total Adjustments: This is the sum of adjustments and discounts.
  • % – This is where the name and rate (e.g. IL Sales Tax 6.5%) as well as the amount of applicable sales tax will be totaled. Sales tax is calculated on all taxable items after applicable discounts are deducted.
  • Grand Total: This will be the total sum of line items, adjustments, discounts and applicable tax.

Tax and adjustments
Finally, click the “Create” button to create the new quote.