A recurring invoice can be created when you need to invoice a client for the same services on a regular basis. Before a recurring invoice can be setup for a client, you will need to create an invoice that contains the services that will be billed on a regular basis.  Once the invoice is created, view the invoice in the invoice details page. In the Invoice Details page, click on the “More Options” dropdown and then the “Make Recurring” menu option, which will open the “Recurring Invoice Settings” page.invoice-recurring-button

The “Recurring Invoice Settings” page allows you to configure the settings that will be used for this recurring invoice. The following settings can be configured:

  • Frequency:  Select frequency of recurring billing
  • Start Date:  Start date of recurring billing
  • End Date:  End date of recurring billing.  If recurring invoicing should continue indefinitely, leave blank and check “Never Expires”
  • Payment Terms:  Payment terms that should be included in recurring invoice
  • Never Expires:  Check if recurring billing should continue indefinitely


Once the recurring invoice settings is saved, you will be redirected back to the invoice details page which will now have the “Change Schedule” button which replaces most of the buttons that previously existed at the top of the invoice.


View Existing Recurring Invoices

You can view the list of invoices that have been set up to be billed on a recurring basis by clicking on “Recurring” in the Invoices section of the left side menu.