Accessing Invoice Payments

In the Invoicing menu, click on the desired option to view the invoice listing page in order to open the invoice that has a payment that needs to be applied. Next, click on “Payments” in order to manage payments for the invoice.

Automatically Applied Payments

If a client pays for an invoice using PayPal or Stripe, a payment will be automatically applied to the invoice.

Apply Payments Manually

In the Manage Payments screen, click on “Add Payment” in order to open the “Add Payment” screen.

In the “Add Payment” screen, you can enter the following payment information:

  • Payment Method
  • Currency
  • Date Paid: Select from date picker or manually entered date payment was made
  • Amount
  • Notes: Enter any special information related to this payment

You will then click on the “Create” button to add the new payment.

Editing and Deleting Payments

Within the Invoice Payments screen, click on “Edit” to open the “Edit Payment” screen which is similar to the “Add Payment” screen.

Also, you can click on “Delete” in order to delete a payment once you confirm that the payment should be deleted.