Once a quote has been created, you have the option of sending it to your client via email.

First, you need to go to the quote view screen (you’ll automatically go here after creating a quote).

If you wish to attach files to the quote, scroll to the Attachments section to add and/or select files to include in the email.

Next, click on the “Print & Send” dropdown and then either the Quote Message (regular email) or Quote Reminder (email reminder) option.

The Email Quote window will now appear, giving you several options to modify before the email is sent.

Subject: The email subject line. This will default to the subject that you entered when you created the quote.

Also, as shown in the “NOTE:” under the subject field, your business name and quote number will also be included in the subject line.

EXAMPLE: If you are sending a quote, the full subject line would be something like…
Lawn Service Quote (Quote # EST-0003 From Clear Landscaping Svc.)

Message to Customer: This is the message that is displayed at the top of the email. You can change it as needed.

Please note that this only pertains to the top portion of the email. The actual quote will follow, and finally the email signature will be generated as shown here:

1. The hyperlink clients will use to view and/or print the quote

2. Your name, business name and email address are added to the bottom of the message.

Send me a copy: Use this to indicate if you want to be copied (BCC’d) on the email message.

Once you’ve set your options, click “Send Quote” to send it. Your quote history will be updated to reflect that the email has been sent.