Keep track of the time you spend on projects using our Time Tracker.

Before you can start tracking time, you want to create a project. You can do this on the fly when starting the timer or in the Projects section.

From the main menu, expand the “Time Tracker” menu, then click the “Time Tracker” sub link.


Next, you will see the Time Tracking Page where you will see the following sections:

  1. Play button – Opens an options window to start the timer.
  2. Insert Button – Manually insert a time entry.
  3. Date links for the selected week. (Not visible on mobile devices)
  4. Choose a date to view time entries for that day
  5. Filter the time entries by client
  6. List of time entries for the selected date
  7. Options to Resume, Edit and Delete a time entry
  8. Total hours for the selected day


Start Tracking Time

From the Time Tracker screen, click the green Play Button

Next, choose a Project

After selecting a project, choose a specific task.

Enter any notes to describe what you’re working on.

Click the Start Timer button to start tracking time. The green play button will turn into a red STOP button. Click the stop button when you’re done working on the task.

Modify and Delete Time Entries

From the time log, click the (pen) icon.


Next, from the Edit Time Log window, make any necessary changes then click Update Time Log to save.


To DELETE time entries, simply click the (trash can) icon.