In the left side menu, click on Quotes to display your quote listing.

By default, your quote listing will show “Active” quotes from “All Clients”. You can use the Search field to search for specific quotes.

Also, you can click on any of the header fields in order to sort the list by the selected field (Ex. Client). By default the list will be sorted in descending order (highest to lowest value) but you can click on the field header again in order to reverse the sort to ascending order (lowest to highest value).

Once you have found the quote that you would like to view, click the “Open” button or the selected quote number to go to the Quote Details page.

The Quote Details page allows you to view the following quote information:

  1. Action Buttons
    Actions to edit, send, download, copy, convert (to invoice) and delete quotes.
  2. Company’s Billing Address
    Your company name, billing address, and email address
  3. Client’s Billing Address
    Client’s company name, billing address, and email address
  4. General Invoice Info
    Quote number, date created, expiration date and quote status
  5. Quote Line Items
    Description and cost of the products or services being quoted
  6. Quote Totals
    Subtotal, additional charges, discounts, taxes, and grand total
  7. History
    Simple record of past actions taken on this quote
  8. Attachments
    Uploaded attachments (e.g. documents or images) to the quote.