Manage Your Tasks

Visually organize your tasks to stay focused and get projects done.

Get it on the board.

Starting a new project? Emailed a new request? Just add it to your task board and get to work.

  • Quickly add and track tasks on the board.

  • See exactly where your tasks are within your overall workflow.

  • Create additional boards to group your tasks.

Manage Tasks Smoothly

Keep track of progress by simply dragging tasks through each stage of your workflow.

Drag tasks to the bottom to archive or delete.

Stay Organized

Group your tasks into different boards to help declutter your workflow and stay focused.

  • Add and Edit Boards

    Set up as many task boards as you need.

  • Make it Yours

    Easily arange columns and customize labels and colors.

  • Easy Time Tracking

    Simply click the "PLAY" button on any task to start tracking time.

Add/Edit Boards

Manage Board Columns

Time Tracking

Usage Examples

Create a task board for each of your projects. • Add columns for each stage of the design process, then add your tasks. • For complex tasks, you can add and mark off subtasks.

Create a task board for each article. • Add columns for different stages of the writing process, from ideas to drafts to published.

Stay productive by getting personal tasks out of your mind and onto the board.

Daily Reminders

Never drop the ball with email reminders. Each morning, we'll show you which tasks are due today, due soon and overdue.

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